Grand Challenges Scholars

Advance Personalized Learning I decided to choose personalized learning because of the passion for computer science education that I developed while at UMBC. I have worked on assistive technology for over 2 years and realized that integrating assistive devices to create learning platforms for users will disabilities would fit under personalized learning best. This is also what I plan on studying in graduate school. Motivation I wanted to participate in the Grand Challenge Scholars Program (GCSP) because I have always enjoyed interdisciplinary work.

Managing Compliance Debt

Compliance debt is a type of technical debt that incurs when companies delay or postpone compliance with laws and regulations in relation to their products. In Spring of 2018, I did an independent study with Dr. Carolyn Seaman where a proposal was developed about asking if awareness of compliance debt leads to better compliance debt management. Since compliance debt is a generally new idea, a lot of the research was based off of literature available on technical debt management techniques.

SenseBox Contributions

I have been working on the SenseBox under Dr. Foad Hamidi for over a year now. It is an open-source, low-cost, customizable hardware/software prototyping platform to turn everyday objects into audio triggers for users with diverse abilities. My biggest contributions have primarily been about documentation and simplifying instructions. But, I also assisted in creating the SenseBox software, and I experimented with the fabrication process. Click here to view the SenseBox documentation and an accompanying poster.