Grand Challenges Scholars

Advance Personalized Learning

I decided to choose personalized learning because of the passion for computer science education that I developed while at UMBC. I have worked on assistive technology for over 2 years and realized that integrating assistive devices to create learning platforms for users will disabilities would fit under personalized learning best. This is also what I plan on studying in graduate school.


I wanted to participate in the Grand Challenge Scholars Program (GCSP) because I have always enjoyed interdisciplinary work. As I was preparing to go into graduate school, I wanted to think critically about what I wanted to work on as PhD student, but more importantly, how what I was doing would benefit the world at large. GCSP focuses on issues that we are currently facing on a global skill and I wanted to get a head start on one of the challenges.

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Fayokemi 'Fayo' Ojo
Visiting Researcher

Musician and researcher in human-robot interactions looking for interdisciplinary, graduate school opportunities.