Global Experience

Bronze Medal

My proposed global experience involves me taking ANTH 224: A Focused Study on the Caribbean. In this course, I will learn about the past and present state of the Caribbean, particularly focusing on how colonialism and slavery continues to have an impact at every level. This is a 3-credit class, so I will spend about 5 hours a week for this course which totals to about 75 hours. The class involves a final project where I look at the why the Caribbean needs to more STEM education. This includes an analysis of the current state of STEM education in the Caribbean as well as proposed opportunities for growth.


Although the final project for this course is well tied to Advancing Personalized Learning, the class overall is not. ANTH 224 fulfills a general education requirement and is not as in-depth into the education system as I would like. Overall, I would say that this experience is weakly tied to my challenge.

Learning Objectives

I think this global experience will contribute to perspectivism and potentially persistence. Many people are shocked by the poverty in the Caribbean, particularly in Haiti, where independence happened so long ago. However, many people do not know all the challenges that the Caribbean continues to have as a result of colonization and corruption. I expect that as I do my project about education in the Caribbean, I will find stories about countries trying to move forward, improve infrastructure and create a path where their people can learn and succeed.

Working with Diverse Teams. I expect to be in a very diverse classroom, where people will talk about their experience on both sides of tourism in the Caribbean or personal impacts of colonization. I am unsure of what kind of team or group work dynamics will be involved beyond that.

Global Citizenship. I expect to learn about how my existence, particularly as a black person, is shaped by the resistance in the Caribbean years before. Also, awareness of how certain countries continue to benefit on the oppression of the people in the Caribbean and looking into a path forward.

Cultural Awareness. Since I am will be learning about multiple Caribbean countries, I will become more aware about the issues in the Caribbean as well as the triumphs.

Openness to Difference. This experience will ensure that I am more culturally competent of not only the Caribbean, but the world around me. As a result, I will be more aware and less judgmental of potential differences in behavior and beliefs shaped by different cultures.

Demonstrate knowledge of the history, government, and economic systems of several target countries. This is anthropology class and I will learn about history and geography of the Caribbean. I will also learn about how the government and economic systems were framed by the impacts of colonization, slavery, and the aftermath.

Identify and address ethical issues arising from cultural or national differences. I expect to learn about the conflict between the Dominican Republic and Haiti as well as ethnic conflicts on all islands of the Caribbean.

Fayokemi 'Fayo' Ojo
Visiting Researcher

Musician and researcher in human-robot interactions looking for interdisciplinary, graduate school opportunities.